BNI is the most successful business networking organisation in he UK and around the world. 
The philosophy of BNI is “Givers Gain” - if you help others to win business, they will want to help you win business. It sounds simple, but it works! Last year our group passed over £1 million in business between us. 
Belonging to BNI is like having a whole marketing team working for you with dozens of salespeople representing your business. 
In return you look for opportunities to help their businesses. What goes around comes around - if I help you, you'll help me and we will both benefit as a result! 

BNI WOLDS Typical Meeting Agenda 

Our members arrive from 6.30am for informal networking over tea/coffee before the official meeting start at 7.00am. 
Our meetings tend to follow the format below: 
The meeting closes at around 8.30am and is followed by breakfast and more open networking. 
Introduction of guests and BNI Wolds team 
Education Slot – a 5 minute presentation to help us all with our networking skills 
45 second presentations and requests by BNI members 
60 second presentations by guests 
Sales and referrals update 
Featured member 10 minute presentation 
Contributions from the group – passing business referrals and written testimonials 
Updates on BNI training events and member social events 
The meeting closes at around 8.30am and is followed by breakfast and more open networking. 

TIPS How to get the most out of your visit 

Arrive early 
Make sure you have the maximum time to network with our members. 
Make sure you bring lots of business cards 
Not just a handful! Our meetings can often have up to 30 people and they’ll all want your card. 

Prepare for your 60 second presentation  

Once all of the members have given their 60 second presentations, you’ll get a chance to tell everyone about your business. 
It's good to include the following: 
Your name & business name. Sounds obvious, but not everyone remembers! 
What you do. A great way to tell the chapter what you do is to tell a story about how you helped a client recently. 
Who would be a good referral for you. Mention a name – you never know someone in the chapter may just be able to help. The power of BNI isn’t just the people you’ll meet at the meeting, it’s who they know... 
Finally, if you feel nervous about giving a 60 seconds presentation, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Everyone you’ll meet at the meeting was in your position once; and they were nervous too. Just give it go! 
Follow Up! Don’t forget to follow up with the contacts you made. 
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